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We are a San Franciso and Houston software company that assists the driver through the vehicle accident process using our highly automated platform.

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Using our highly curated mobile Application, users get a highly interactive, step by step workflow that is very concise and easy to follow.

  • Accident Support

    We have done countless research and consulted a numerous amount of legal professionals and created automation that is intelligent enough to understand the vast scenarios of a vehicle accident.

  • Referrals

    We can provide referrals to help you get back to normal, including car dealerships, attorneys, physical therapy.

Our mission is to help you get the service you deserve and ensure the fastest, quickest, and low risk way to get what you entitled to from the insurance companies after an accident.

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We provide a variety of services to help you get back to normal.

Attorney Referral

We can help you find the right attorney for your unique situation.


We can help you navigate the insurance process to get a full payment of everything you are owed.


We can find the right vehicle body shop to repair you car back to the original state.


We now buying a new car can be difficult, we can help you negotiate the price of your replacement vehicle.

Car Rental

You shouldn't have to pay for a car rental during a no-fault accident.


We provide referrals to find the right health care and ensure the insurance companies pay their part.


New York

Without REKFIX, dealing with the insurance companies is hard.



Before REKFIX, it was almost impossible to find the right attorney to help me.



Accident Support can help me deal with buying a new car and not being taken advantage of.



REKFIX is a wonderful idea.


San Francisco

This company provides the service that we all need.


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It is always FREE to download the app and get accident support.


Frequently Asked Questions

You may have many questions about accident and how this works.

  • The accident is the product. The service providers of an auto accident such as Car Dealerships, Personal Injury Attorneys, Car rental services, Tow truck drivers, Personal Injury Doctors, and Body Shops will pay a subscription to onboard our platform and use our services. They are paying for ease of access to accident victims and an efficient and smooth acquisition of customers onboarding their services.

  • A user gets into an accident. REKFIX's collision detection system will notify the user that a collision is detected. REKFIX will receive confirmation that the user got into an accident. Very pertinent details about the accident will be automatically stored (force of impact, angle and direction of impact, location of accident, time of accident) for reference to guide the user through the accident process. We will then guide the user step by step on exactly what they need to do at the scent of the accident in real-time. Once that happens, the REKFIX mobile Application will assist them through all of the continuous day-to-day steps that needs to be done(keeping daily logs of pain and suffering, doctor visits, etc.). That vital information is stored and placed on our platform to distribute to all service providers that fit the criteria of the victim's needs to initiate the consumer(accident victim) - service provider relationship. All of this information(including service provider transactions) are stored and streamlined into a concise, comprehensible report to file a claim and get the compensation that the victim deserves.

  • When our mobile app detects that you have been into an accident, it will ask you if you need help. If so, then you press a button and someone will contact you right away.


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